cosmetic use as an act of self-care

cosmetic use as an act of self-care


as a starting point for this beauty blog, i figured i should give a short summary of my own relationship w/ cosmetic use. as a teenager, i used cosmetics quite regularly, experimenting w/ lots of different colours. i loved watching youtube tutorials. i also happened to work in a drugstore, where i was a cashier.

one day, a cosmetician who worked there noticed my makeup and told me that a position was opening up in the cosmetics department. she encouraged me to apply. i ended up transferring to the cosmetics department, where i worked for several years. during this time i received extensive training on skincare and makeup, and regularly performed makeovers and provided consultations for customers. i also played around with many different looks, and wore makeup on a near-daily basis.

then, for a couple of years, after quitting my job as a cosmetician to start a new job in a different field, i kind of lost touch with cosmetics: i barely wore makeup, and wasn’t really taking care of my skin. i kind of thought it was all a bit silly and unnecessary: why ‘waste’ time and money on makeup when i could be doing or buying other things?

then, more recently, in the past year or so, i kind of re-discovered my love of cosmetics. more importantly, i realized the value in using cosmetics for one crucial reason: it was time i devoted to taking care of myself. as somebody who struggles with mental illness, many mental health professionals are constantly stressing the importance of self-care to me. i didn’t realize how powerful an act of self-care that applying cosmetics was until i re-discovered it: it gave me confidence, it was fun, and it made me happy. if it was so powerful, how could it be a waste of time and money?

many people think of makeup as frivolous and pointless, but i’d argue that, if used for fun (and not as something you conform to as a societal expectation of you), why not? there are very few things that i can rely on to make me happy: as somebody who suffers from depression, pleasure and joy can often be difficult to find.

to me, they’re worth every penny.


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